Friday, August 13, 2010

What This Is

There is nothing better than seeing somebody wear an outfit so crisp that the outfit alone is turning heads. When times like that occur a fashionable person must tip their hat and give much respect. For me, there are 3Fs in fashion: fitteds, fits, & footwork. That is the accessories,the clothes, and the shoes to bring it all together. When you have the right shirt and pants, with the matching hat and jewelry, and then bottom it out with some clean kicks you have successfully become 'Fresh in the flesh'. There is one better thing than a dude who can dress, which is a female who can put it together. I must say, for a girl to be a dime she must not only be physically sexy, but mentally there, and must have some type of fashion sense. Which brings us to the final F: Females. Welcome to the 4Fs: Fitteds, Fits, Footwork, & Females. Where FRESH is lived.

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