Saturday, August 28, 2010

#1 Common

Atop our list hails another man who has transitioned from rapper to actor. A man known lyrical, not by gimmicks. A guy who has matched his genuine character and smoothness in his raps to his smoothness of his acting. Common is my top dresser. Why? Check out the pics. In my opinion Common epitomizes my style. Clean, crisp, and consistant. No matter the occasion Common is dressed to the T. Although this could be said about the majority if not all of the Top 10, I feel Common stretches just enough over the rest to deserve the title of Best Dressed Man.

Friday, August 27, 2010

#2 Fonzworth Bentley

If there is an example of going from an undesirable position to being on top, Fonzworth Bentley has to be on top of the top of that list. Fonzworth went from being seen as P. Diddy’s do boy to a businessman and gentleman extraordinaire. If I recall correctly he put out his own line of umbrellas, yes umbrellas! Mr. Bentley is constantly seen in suits in ties, be they bow or regular. The man can put a suit together, always impressive. Steadily crisp which why you cannot be surprised to see him toward the top of the list.

#1 should come tonight, bet you can’t guess who it is.

#3 Chris Brown

We’ve all made mistakes but some mistakes follow you a lil farther than others. Chris Brown has a mistake that may follow him till his grave, but he is definetly working toward putting forth some good efforts to make us all forget about it. With atleast 2 mixtapes and a blazing album has gathered major support and success Breezy seems to be gathering his fan base back. Chris has always seemed to have a sense of style when he first came out but you can really see the change and maturity in it now. More sweaters and button ups, dress shoes, and such Breezy is trying to show change in more than just the mental.

Since I didn’t drop the #3 last night, I’m dropping the Top 3 today. #2 is coming up next

Thursday, August 26, 2010

#4 Andre 3000

When it comes to modern classical dressers a couple names come to mind. Andre 3000, Andre 3 Stacks, and Andre Benjamin. A rapper, an actor, man about his own this half of the classic hip hop group OutKast is my #4 dressed man. I cannot say that I understand or can duplicate his dress but I do respect it. One of them main reasons why I respect it is because Andre doesn’t seem to try to conform to any style just because of popularity. He’s always been the one wearing something that nobody understood. Big Boi would come on stage in street gear and Dre would stroll on with parachute pants, suspenders, and no shirt. But like I said, Andre not trying to compare himself to any other dudes, and thats the way to think when you dress.

Bet you didn’t see that coming! 3 to go!!!

#5 Kanye West

Who loves Kanye West more than Kanye West? Nobody!! But we all look forward to the next thing he’s gonna do to keep his name in everybody’s mouths. We remember him snatchin’ the mic to Taylor Swift, and we all wondered if he was a full a-hole or was he some type of genius. But we all must admit, he somehow ends up becoming relevant again. His style ranges from classic, street casual, and vintage. Which ever he chooses to wear he wears it well.

Kanye is a given in the best dressed, nobody should be surprised. The top is near!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#6 Ne-Yo

When he debuted he told us he was So Sick, but recently he’s been enjoying the Champagne Life. Maybe thats what we all need to improve our lives, money and champagne lol. Ne-Yo is known for his voice, his style, and his head size. The man can sing, can dance better than average, and keeps it grown and sexy. Ne-Yo isn’t seen much in t-shirt and jeans, but mostly shirt and tie. Very clean and classic style from Ne-Yo and I hope that many guys catch on and drop the skinny jean look and try to look more adult instead of more like a ballerina.

As we get closer to the top you see what style I have and desire to keep. Keep ya eyes open, cause I think the #1 spot will surprise you

#7 Soulja Boy

Prob the worst rapper to ever have a mixtape entitled “Best Rapper” Soulja Boy knows how to stay relevant. Personally I think rapping is no whhere his strong suit, but other thg beats he dresses better than many rappers. I even gave him a chance on that last mixtape, but he disappointed me heavily. His dress is on the case not his lack of lyrical prowess no matter how large the lack is. His only flaw? He sags HEAVILY. He’s 18 I think, and that usually starts the period where sagging becomes unneeded. When fixes that he’ll be higher on my list.

That is the most controversial person on the list. He may not be that fresh to you but he I’d to me. These next cats could easily be #1. Are you ready?