Monday, August 23, 2010

#9: Lebron James

Currently hated by many, but still admired by most Lebron James is a power house who if overlooked can put you on the wrong end of a SportsCenter Top 10 Plays. Personally I dont care what team he plays for, but I do care about who dresses this young fella. Whether casual or formal, Lebron James is a fresh man. Never seen him in a fit that didn't impress me which in turn impresses me. Only fault, he wears Yankee hats...smh not a good look. But that does not discredit him from being a sharp dresser. Only thing left is to find out if I should be thanking his stylist instead.

How are you liking the list so far? Agree? This was a close call, it could have went the other way around. Mos coulda been 8th.....but it is what it is. #7 Shall be here tomorrow
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