Saturday, August 14, 2010

Algebra 101

Math is eternal and never changing. 2+2 will always be 4. So when you add a sexy lady with a hot dress it will always equal stares from every dude. Twitter's @so_focused504 shows us an example of this simple equation. I must admit i did notice the dress first. What caught my eye? The colors and the lines. Those horizontal lines drew my eyes from the shoulders down to boots like reading a book. The black dress with the fruity colors encircling it draws more attention to @so_focused504 Fit. And when the eye hits the boots, it brings it to a close. Now after I noticed all of that, the body and face became pretty evident. I don't have to go through what sticks out cause, for 1 she's poking em out!lol @so_focused504 really did her thing when she got dressed that day. She brought out 3Fs to us and she brought them well. Maybe she'll return and show more of her repertoire.

CHECK HER OUT ON TWITTER: @so_focused504
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