Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#8 Pharrell Williams

When I think back to songs of my youth, I remember songs like ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’, ‘OPP’, ‘I Get Around’, and many other classics. I also think to fun songs like ‘Until I Got High’, ‘Throw Them Bows’, and the most copied beat in my middle school career ‘Grinding’. Pharrell Williams was one of the minds behind that beat and song which is still historic to most of my generation still. Pharell is known for man other beats and songs and other walks of success. From Ice Cream sneakers, to skaters, to NERD Pharell is involved with making things work and work well. This man has a reputation to making good music and looking crisp. Just as anybody else in this list he can do any situation or occassion. All in all he looks good, and sells good. Taking #8 Pharrell Williams

Like I said this Top 10 list could be mixed up and still satisfy most peoples opinions. It gets really close as we get closer to the top, and believe me the next guys were all neck and neck and hard to say who dressed better. #7 is up next

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